Construction at Blatchford

The start of the construction season at Blatchford means the City of Edmonton is one step closer towards the realization of this exciting community. Crews were on site in early May to begin installing the underground utilities that will service the first stage of residential units.  

The work planned this year includes installing storm, sanitary and water servicing as well as piping for the district energy sharing system. The district energy sharing system will provide heating, cooling and hot water to the buildings in Blatchford, and is one of the most innovative environmental initiatives planned in the community.

Once the deep utilities have been installed, crews will start constructing the roads to service the first set of buildings. Later this year, crews are planning to begin drilling the boreholes under the first stormwater pond for the geo-exchange, which is one of the renewable energy sources for the district energy sharing system.

In addition to the construction work, the City is also continuing the commitment to reducing Blatchford’s environmental footprint by recycling the former runways at the site. The runway materials (concrete, asphalt and gravel) will be used to construct future roads in the community.  

The builder selection process will begin this summer, with presale of the first townhome and condominium units expected in 2018.

I am confident the first residents in Blatchford will see that the concept of building for people has always been at the centre of our vision for Blatchford. It will be a neighbourhood where great urban design will allow people to live a more sustainable, active and community-based lifestyle. And as the neighbourhood develops, it will also be an exciting time for the residents and businesses who surround Blatchford, as new amenities and park spaces become available for everyone to use.

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