My Pledge for Parity

International Women’s Day was celebrated on March 8, 2016 and at numerous

other events this week. It has been an exciting week and I have been fortunate

to attend a few events. This year’s theme was gender parity and I have been

inspired to keep working towards this goal. I was horrified to see the World

Economic Forum estimate that on our current path we will not reach gender

parity until 2133! That seems absurd to me but, just reminds me that we can

speed this up by working together on this issue.


At the City Hall event, I was challenged by our keynote Dr. Christina Stasia

talked about it is time we stopping telling everyone about the issue and starting

showing how it can be done. At the Famous Five luncheon, Sally Armstrong

inspired me that young people are now being more and more engaged to speak

out about what is acceptable. Her thoughts on political will changing policies,

public will and its activities and how today it is personal will that is driving the

conversation and it is showing up on twitter and facebook challenging the status

quo and inspiring action.


I really excited about some of the work I’m involved in within the City of

Edmonton and we just announced a new initiative, Diverse Voices for Change.

Edmonton will be one of five municipalities across Canada who will be working to

increase the number of women from diverse communities to be actively engaged

in local government and in particular, increased participation on agencies,

boards and committees.


My pledge … to speak out and support women to be involved in our city and take

a leadership role. What is your pledge or what are you going to do to inspire

change and create gender equity?