My Thoughts on the Metro Line

“Gloom, despair and agony on me” from Hee Haw certainly reflects some folks thinking of the Metro Line.

The Metro line has received a lot of criticism since it finally started operations.   Motorists, pedestrians and businesses have been impacted by the building of the LRT, delays in operations, challenges with signaling, timing of lights and limited train speed.   It has been the source of many conversations, frustrations and jokes!   It certainly wasn’t what anyone planned or hoped for, yet here we are with even more riders than we anticipated.   City administration is working to get the safety certificate so we can run at full speed in the near future.   They have also been working hard to address the pedestrian and motorist concerns by changing traffic light timing to help address traffic congestion.

We haven’t got the Metro Line running at full speed and Kingsway Mall is already stepping up to partner with the City of Edmonton to look at alternate sites for a LRT station and continue to support the long term vision of Blatchford.   I, for one, appreciate their willingness to still partner and sit and the table to discuss what has in not doubt also frustrated them and affected their business.

In a recent letter to me, Kingsway has said that “instead of looking backwards at what could have been one differently, we are looking forward at how we can partner in a way that is beneficial to the City, the community and Kingsway Mall.”

That really speaks to me about what a great city we live in when citizens and business see the bigger vision of what we need to continue to build a great city!